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Claudia Parkinson RMT, CST-T

Claudia Parkinson



Claudia Parkinson offers CranioSacral Therapy and Massage Therapy in her beautiful and quiet treatment room at her home in West-Edmonton.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle and non-invasive form of touch based therapy. Claudia practices it naturally as she herself is quiet, gentle and a skilled listener. Many of her clients say that they are in “safe hands” when they are with her, including those coming with traumatic injuries or life situations.


Quality of listening

 “As I listen to the body, I notice areas that need help. When I work on those areas, the body changes – sometimes in light, subtle ways, and other times there can be strong or dramatic changes. I am always looking to find the underlying issues and to work on those.”


Intelligence of the body

During treatments, Claudia listens for where the person needs help, without looking for a particular outcome. She knows the body has its own intelligence and treats it with respect. Through this, her clients can discover their own inner resources that can continue beyond each session.

Claudia’s training and experience allow her to feel and follow subtle movements in the body, helping your body’s intelligence to recognize where it is holding tight, until you can release and a renewed flow of energy establishes.



CST allows people to connect with parts of themselves they may have pushed aside, allowing these parts to be seen and made friends with. The process can be empowering, as clients find ways to take positive power back for themselves.

If you are suffering from an acute condition or chronic symptoms, you will find that CranioSacral Therapy is a pleasant and effective way to help your body to relax and heal.


Claudia grew up in Germany, where she was trained as a nurse and also enjoyed exploring different forms of complementary and alternative medicine. 

A few years after graduating as a Practitioner of the Healing Arts in Germany (Heilpraktikerin), she moved to Canada in 2002.

She is a Registered Massage Therapist with NHPC since 2013 and since has continued to deepen and refine her skills in CranioSacral Therapy. She is an Upledger Certified CranioSacral Therapist since May 2018.   

Specialized training in CranioSacral Therapy for:

Seniors  |  Conception & Pregnancy  |  Babies & Children

Children and Adults with special needs

Claudia loved working in the Edmonton Catholic Schools with children and also young adults with “special needs”. As a substitute teacher assistant she chose to go to the special education classes whenever possible. She believes that with CranioSacral Therapy she can now help children to suffer less and develop more fully.


Working with pregnant moms

Claudia has received training in CranioSacral Applications for Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing. She may be able to help pregnant moms to feel better during their pregnancy and ease some of the discomfort after the delivery, possibly even postpartum depression.


Working with Seniors

Claudia still works as a Registered Nurse in Specialized Geriatrics at a rehabilitation hospital. As people age, many more physical and emotional difficulties emerge. In her treatments, she loves getting to the root causes of people’s issues. For example, anxiety and depression can be caused by dysfunctions in the craniosacral system or in the digestive system, and can be alleviated with CranioSacral treatments.


Professional Associations and Memberships

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC)
College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)

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