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Claudia Parkinson is an extraordinary bodyworker. Beginning with the known forms of CranioSacral techniques, she heart-fully moves into her own clear and insightful expressions of energy work. What she provides in a session is experientially transcendent, connecting with what is beyond the physical while sharing a transformative awareness that sparks long-lasting results.

Jessica Jackson

Claudia has a lovely deep, still, listening presence. I felt so safe and nurtured in her hands. Healing, heart-warming and deeply good.

Clare B.


Claudia has opened and moved blocked energy in my body which has created a more relaxed presence for me in my body. It continues to improve the quality of my life. Claudia instinctively knows how to find areas in the body that need attention and release. I highly recommend her treatments to all my friends.

Minucha C.

I have had a number of sessions with Claudia. I always leave feeling heard, verbally and in my body.  She creates a very safe space for me to connect with what is moving in me as if she is shining a light on it so it is easier for me to see and be with an area. The energetic space is very clean, kind, and so very important for me, non-judgmental. Then I know I can be vulnerable, and I can move, dissolve, lighten up, unwind and heal.

There is a depth of connection in her touch. Often she moves to a place in my body that I have discomfort in and she moves to it without me having said anything. I love this magical, heart-full, real and healing connection.

Bonnie V.

Claudia has given me my life back. I was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder. My neck used to pull to the right side with such strong force, that I couldn’t see anything to my left side. After a treatment with her I noticed a change. I could see something on the left side. It was so exciting. Now in 2016 after continuous treatment, my neck is pulling with much less force to the right side and I can see everything to my left side. I am continuing with the treatment.


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