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How CranioSacral Therapy can help your child with dyslexia

Meet Owen…

Some children struggle at school, even though they are intelligent and try very hard.

As a lovable 9 year old, Owen has an easy time making friends. He plays soccer, likes music and enjoys science. He would love going to school – if it wasn’t for reading and writing.

For Owen, it takes five times longer than his class mates to read a paragraph. Even then, he isn’t able to make sense of a lot of the content. He is often frustrated and embarrassed if he has to read out loud in class.

For his parents, Carol and Josh, nothing seems to work. They bought Owen fun and popular kid’s books to support him but he wouldn’t even open them. They wish he would finish his homework quicker and the tension in the home is sometimes unbearable.

Why does such an otherwise intelligent being have so much trouble reading?

Owen’s birth was complicated. When labour suddenly came to a stop, the hospital physician used forceps to help the baby’s head out. Unfortunately for Owen, the pressure of the forceps caused damage to his brain.

How this affected Owen began showing when he started school. From the very beginning, he had trouble stringing letters together into words. He was the slowest reader in class and got bad marks in spelling. He also developed trouble sleeping, because he was afraid of being laughed at in school.

How CranioSacral Therapy helped him

Through the recommendation of a neighbor, Carol decided to try CranioSacral Therapy for Owen, not really believing it would work.

From the beginning, the treatments made Owen feel relaxed and he was surprised how much he liked them. His reading abilities started improving after just the second session and after a few months, Owen had almost caught up with his class mates. He started reading his books at home, enjoying fantasy stories. His sleep also improved.

Before, reading was so much effort. Owen had to memorize every letter in the word and put them all together. Now, he could see whole words at a time and they easily made sense.

Can CranioSacral Therapy help your child too?

Yes, there’s a good chance.

This form of therapy has proven to be extremely effective for most cases of dyslexia, when the cause was inside of the craniosacral system. Other factors can cause dyslexia – in these cases, CST may not help dyslexia directly.

Overall, with CST there can be significant improvements in a child’s ability to learn, and often other benefits such as improved sleep, focus or calmness during the day.

Imagine what this could mean for your struggling child…








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  1. What a great and hopeful story! I want to share this on Facebook for teachers as well as parents I know. Thank you!

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